Track, Trace, Monitor!

Track, Trace, Monitor!

Know each time your assets are used, moved or abused, when and where they have been, how long they were used for and even have the ability to turn them off from your mobile phone if you need to!

Track it. Trace it. Monitor it! GPS tracking and tracking devices traditionally used only for motor vehicles is now more cost effective and accessible, with no contract terms and a pay-as-you-go option, tracking devices can be fitted to almost anything including lawn mowers and other equipment. Anything that has an ignition on/off functionality can be monitored.

If you have a team of drivers in vans, or equipment in use out on the road, this is a perfect way of seeing where they are and prevent equipment abuse and reduce your running costs and maintenance bills.

Amber Connect Trackers

The Amber Connect

Software is really simple to use too.  Watch video of software functionality.

Live asset tracking, accurate to within 2 metres, with live use reports and historic use review from just £140 inc per device.

Amber Connect devices are supplied with giffgaff SIM cards – these pay-as-you-go SIMs cost as little as £2.50 per month to activate.  We recommend buying a SIM with 200MB of data as a minimum, of course this depends on how many alerts you create in your Amber app settings.  Having said that, we have customers reporting back that they struggled to use more than 100MB of data a month!

Why not connect your digital life and your business assets with Amber Connect?  Suitable for all modes of transport, motorbikes, quad bikes, motor-homes, caravans etc. Installation takes about 1 hour.

Wired and Wireless Option

There is also a wireless option available too so you can move your device as often as you need.

These devices are great for quad bikes, motorbikes and other outdoor equipment you may wish to monitor.  Inexpensive and with no contract term you can keep an eye on your business assets.

Speed, idle time and driver quality reports free to view any time from your phone, pad or website.

Small discrete tracking devices – simple wiring to almost any vehicle or item of equipment for permanent fixture.

Wireless devices also available with long battery life – great for easy, flexible deployment and monitoring, ideal for unpowered equipment, trailers etc.

Track it, trace it, and monitor it. Alert notifications on movement and use, and location geo-fence alert if moved further than you authorise or expect.

Why not call our friendly Amber Team to learn more on 01789 774413



Prestige super and sports car hire companies embrace new technology from new vehicle tracking solutions. High-end motorcar hire companies keen to keep an eye on their precious metal are turning to Amber Connect vehicle tracking solutions.

Amber Connect is an extremely low cost vehicle tracking device and not the low tech stuff that can be purchased cheaply on the internet. 

The Amber App is where it’s at!

Traditional tracking and telematics technology has been around a long time, used by insurance companies and large fleet operators. However, with these traditional GPS tracking technologies, the data collected is usually crunched by an external company and sent weekly or monthly; as the vehicle owner you don’t manage the information yourself.  Plus you have to enter into a contract and a monthly subscription plan for the privilege. Not very useful if you just want to see how your vehicle is being driven on a day-to-day basis. This is exactly where the Amber App offers so much more.

With Amber Connect vehicle tracking there are some major advantages:

  • A one-off purchase of the device gets you on the track
  • A pay-as-you-go SIM card from any mobile telecommunications provider or add a SIM card to your existing phone plan
  • FREE Amber App
  • Set alerts and notifications from the Amber App at a frequency that suits you
  • The Amber App sends push notifications to you and does not rely on the SIM card data allowance, meaning data usage is extremely low
  • The Amber App web site portal is live and is matched to the Amber App, meaning you can pull off reports and view data at your own convenience
  • Receive over-speeding alerts, collisions alerts, ignition on/off notifications, trip history (put a stop to disputes about vehicle related fines) know where vehicles are parked, even shut down or restart the engine via the Amber App.

For a prestige sports car hire company Amber Connect presents an interesting proposition as you can see how the vehicles are being driven, where they are being driven and receive notifications on over-speeding, collisions and a host of other useful reports.

Amber Connect Vehicle Tracking

Advanced Vehicle Tracking, low running costs


Contract-free, low cost and in real case studies demonstrate savings against vehicle use abuse. All vehicles, including motorbikes are supported.


Amber Connect offers business and private vehicle owners a low cost and cost effective solution to managing vehicles and  much more control for a prestige sports car hire company.  Remote engine shut down/restart, over-speeding alerts, collision alerts, servicing and maintenance logging plus much more. Contact The Amber Support Team on 01789 774413 to get a free Amber App Tour and see it for yourself.

Connect. Detect. Protect.


Have a birds-eye view of all your tracked vehicles in the Amber Connect Web Portal. See driving patterns, receive over-speeding alerts, collisions alerts, ignition on/off notifications, trip history (put a stop to disputes about vehicle related fines) know where vehicles are parked, even shut down or restart the engine via the Amber App.


Manage the authorised use of vehicles, keep track of where vehicles are supposed to be with live GPS tracking functionality and trip history.


Keep an eye on vehicle expenses without too much effort or administration, case studies show a 40% reduction in business mileage being claimed incorrectly. Avoid disputes around parking fines or speeding tickets. Use the Amber App or Web Portal to keep records of vehicle maintenance, MoT and insurance details.


Efficiency in business performance, all for the cost of the device and data SIM card*. Don’t spend huge amounts on costly trackers with long contract terms. *pay-as-you-go SIM cards from as little as £2.50 per month.

Aside from the fact that Amber Connect offers its devices and the Amber app contract-free, the next obvious question is about how much data devices use since they are GPS enabled.  Yes, Amber Connect devices use a SIM card to transmit data but here is the major difference compared to other similarly priced products.

Data Needs

We recommend buying a SIM with 200MB of data as a minimum, of course this depends on how many alerts you create in your Amber app settings.  Customers report they struggle to use more than 100MB of data a month.  Amber Connect devices come with a giffgaff SIM cards. These pay-as-you-go SIMs cost as little as £2.50 per month to activate. Smart-car technology is here for you now. Why not connect your digital life and your car with Amber Connect?  Suitable for all modes of transport, motorbikes, quad bikes, motor-homes, caravans etc. Installation takes about 1 hour.

The Amber App

Because the Amber app sends push notifications to your smart phone/mobile device,  SIM card data usage is minimal.  Data is refreshed every 20 seconds and is pretty up-to-date information about your car’s location.

Traditional devices 

Amber Connect, unlike traditional trackers, don’t need  text messages to set up or receive your alerts.  Alerts and notifications are created in the Amber app or web portal.

Track Your Business Mileage Expenses with Amber Connect

Amber app and tracking devices

Track your business mileage expenses with Amber Connect.  Amber Connect is a new range of GPS tracking devices from Viezu Technologies, which offer an extensive range of exciting, useful features.  Not just for business use, Amber Connect is also ideal for personal use too.  Trackers are available in wired and wireless formats, and both types sync with a smartphone app (or cloud-based web portal) to provide advanced reporting and analytics.

With case studies identifying up to 40% of business mileage expenses being claimed incorrectly, Amber Connect is ideal for managing travel & fuel expenses for people who do a lot of business miles.  With the ability to tag journeys as ‘business’ or ‘personal’, the pain is taken out of recording journey miles and fuel expenses, streamlining the expenses claims process and HMRC returns, as the Amber Connect web companion exports to Excel.

Although tracking devices have traditionally been associated with keeping track of vehicles, Amber Connect devices can be used to keep track of all kinds of valuable personal possessions.  Wired devices are wired in to the vehicle and provide the unique ability to switch off the engine from the Amber Connect app, which is perfect in the case of unauthorised use or theft of the vehicle.  Wireless devices offer the opportunity to be moved from vehicle to vehicle, or to keep track of expensive, unpowered leisure vehicles, tools and equipment, such as caravans, trailers and horseboxes.  These devices can also be used to keep track of golf equipment, buggies, ride-on lawnmowers and pretty much any valuable personal equipment making recovery in the event of theft much easier.

Amber Connect tracking devices are a low-cost, cost-effective way of keeping track of your valuable possessions.  Prices start from £140 per device, with monthly data transfer fees starting from £2.50 for a pay-as-you-go SIM card, dependent on network provider chosen.

For more information about Amber Connect tracking devices and reporting using the Amber app, please contact 01789 774413, email or visit

Trackers From Amber Connect Now Available on Amazon

Amber Connect Wired Trackers now available on Amazon

Trackers from Amber Connect are now available to purchase online at Amazon.  This range of advanced GPS trackers enables people to track their driving habits & the driving habits of their fleet drivers, fuel consumption & expenses, journey logs, set geo-fences and receive breach alerts amongst many other useful features.  Trackers are contract-free and are a very cost effective way to keep track of vehicles and powered equipment for a nominal monthly fee.

These trackers deliver cost savings too as mileage and fuel spend and trips are all recorded, enabling business users to stay in control.

Amber Connect trackers can be hard-wired into the vehicle or operate wirelessly. Devices are managed via the Amber app, which is available on iOS, Android or cloud-based web portal, to offer advanced analytics and real-time reporting.

The V-362 device is a wireless GPS tracking device packed with loads of features, it has a built in magnet for easy fitting and portability from vehicle-to-vehicle. This has many advantages and means grey fleets and pool vehicles can easily be monitored.

On the personal side, since this is a wireless device it comes with a long-life polymer battery, it can be used to monitor leisure vehicles like caravans, sports buggies etc.  It is highly dust-proof and water-proof too making it extremely durable and tough.

The Amber app offers insight into journey history and analytics. This is useful for managing fuel spend and frankly simply seeing where your vehicle is, if you entrust it to other drivers.

The V-363 Professional and V-365 devices are wired devices with a wider range of features.  Revolutionary tracking, a real game-changer in the field of tracking as these devices also offer remote engine shut-down/restart via the Amber app!

For business users or even for private vehicle owners this device is innovative; see where your vehicle is and how it’s being driven.

For business owners this is a massive cost-saving opportunity. Use the device to support training by allowing drivers access to their own driving patterns of behaviour (this is not big brother watching but personal development) as idle time, harsh braking and sudden acceleration alerts help keep tabs on driving performance.

Together with real-time analytics via the Amber app or web portal companion, users can stay informed about how their vehicle is being driven.

Each system offers a very cost-effective way of keeping track of vehicles or any other plant equipment or leisure vehicles/equipment.  The devices require the use of a SIM card for data use, and these can be acquired from as little as £2.50 a month dependent on network operator.

For more information about Amber Connect devices, please contact or call +44 (0)1789 774413.

GPS Tracking Made Simple

Amber Connect GPS tracking app

Amber Connect, brought to you by Viezu Technologies, is GPS tracking made simple.  With a variety of options for tracking both business and personal possessions; flexible, intuitive apps with advanced analytics and no contract tie-ins, Amber Connect really is a cost effective way to keep track of the things that are important to you.

Amber Connect trackers for business use enables fleet managers to keep track of their fleets and drivers, while ensuring their safety and optimising journeys, fuel usage and vehicle maintenance schedules.

Tracking devices can be connected either wirelessly or wired and allow the driver to take ownership of their driving style by providing them with information about their driving via the Amber app or web portal companion.
Fleet managers are provided with advanced reporting and analytics through the Amber app or dynamic web portal with real-time information on fuel efficiency, journey logs and engine health, while some devices have the ability to remotely shut down the engine in the event of a problem or theft of the vehicle.

Amber Connect also provides personal GPS trackers which have been specifically designed for lone workers and field-based employees to ensure their safety.  These small, light-weight, portable devices allow two-way communication and voice monitoring with real-time GPS tracking and discreet distress signaling.  Ideal for employees who work alone, for example night security guards or estate agents who conduct property viewings & appointments alone, these devices are perfect for ensuring personal safety and providing information in the case of an incident.

A range of child trackers are also available in the Amber Connect range, offering peace of mind to parents as they start to allow their children greater freedom, without the need to carry around and be responsible for expensive mobile phones.  These devices are wearable and allow two-way communication, enabling parents to contact their children and vice-versa. Parents can use the Amber app or web portal companion to track their children’s whereabouts, as well as setting up geo-fences and alerts should the child venture out of a predefined zone.

Amber Connect tracking devices offer a very cost-effective way of keeping track of personal possessions, business property and loved ones with no contract tie-ins.  For more information about Amber devices please call +44 (0)1789 774413 or email

Amber Vehicle Tracking, Affordable GPS tracking devices

New Vehicle Tracking Solution Brought to you by Viezu Technologies

Amber is a new vehicle tracking solution brought to you exclusively by Viezu Technologies.  In a crowded market space choosing the right solution to your vehicle and fleet tracking requirements can be extremely complex, but Viezu streamlines this process by bringing you a solution which is affordable, cost-effective and most importantly, contract-free after the initial purchase of your tracking device. 

Amber offers intuitive, insightful tracking with no extra hidden fees for reporting.  You will need to purchase a SIM card for your data needs (and these can be acquired from as little as £2.50 a month depending on the provider you go with) and added to the annual license fee, which is less than £40.00 a year – you will have a very cost-effective solution to your tracking needs. 

The Amber vehicle tracking devices are accessed through an app, which is available both on iOS and Android, or a cloud-based web portal. The Amber app and web portal both offer a number of clever features.  You can stop/start a vehicle remotely, view journey history and analytics, set speed limits and receive speeding alerts.  Features vary dependent on the Amber device chosen but all devices allow geo-fence setting, monitoring of fuel expenses and journey history and analytics.

Wireless, wired and OBDII installation options are available; the tracker can either be hard-wired into the engine or connected very simply via the OBDII port, and the latter option in conjunction with the wireless version can be very easily transferred between vehicles. 

Trackers are controlled entirely from the app meaning that data usage from the SIM is minimal.  Amber devices are the ideal, cost-effective and insightful solution to any vehicle tracking requirements.  For more information about how Amber Connect tracking devices can help you with your fleet and vehicle tracking requirements please visit or call 01789 774413.